Where to wear a denim jacket

We do not get tired of singing the praises of spring and declaring a boycott of heavy outerwear. Now you can put on a light bomber jacket, sweatshirt or jacket and not feel like a tumbler doll. But we will talk about a denim jacket - a wardrobe item that returned to us from the dashing 90s. A denim jacket is a universal thing: it goes with different clothes and images, it is indispensable on summer evenings and is made of natural fabric (no synthetics, which are now popular), so it warms in the cold and does not soar in the heat. 

In the 90s, the grunge style was very relevant. Then denim jackets were dimensionless and more like men's. They were worn and torn with various decorations in the form of badges and stripes. Now this style of jacket is the most trendy. Many fashion houses create such masterpieces and many bloggers post photos on social networks with just such a jacket in the style of the 90s. So, if your boyfriend has such a thing - take it for yourself and be fashionable, no one will look at you crookedly because it is great - it's a must-have.

To create a casual look with a denim jacket, you don’t need to invent a lot. Put on a simple T-shirt, cropped trousers, flat shoes and the outfit is ready. The best companion for denim is simplicity. But if you still want to make a catchy accent, then pick up bright accessories - an original bag or a massive necklace.

Do you think it's okay to wear a denim jacket to work? If you do not have a strict dress code, then of course! In any case, a denim jacket can be removed in the office, it still serves you as outerwear. Put on a midi skirt, white blouse, pumps and calmly go to work. Your colleagues will only envy your sense of style.

Another option where to wear a denim jacket is for a date. Create a romantic look: put on a light and delicate dress, ballet flats and a denim jacket. In this outfit you will feel comfortable at the exhibition, and in the cinema, and in the restaurant. We advise you not to wear new shoes with heels for a date, because it is not known how unworn shoes will behave. It is better to be in proven ballet flats than to spoil the whole date with pain in the legs.