What to wear with women's leggings - ideas for a stylish women's wardrobe

For several years now, leggings have been attracting the deserved attention of stylists and modern fashionistas. They are comfortable, practical, refresh the look on any demi-season day and at the same time are easy to wear and elegant in appearance.

What to wear with leggings?

When leggings appeared at the end of the last century, they immediately gained due popularity and appealed to women of various social statuses. Now these models are so improved by designers and fashion designers that there is no reason to refuse them at all.

They are worn with skirts and shorts, dresses and shirts, cardigans and vests of the most unusual colors and styles. But in order not to cross the line of vulgarity, which is very easy to break in such clothes, you should familiarize yourself with some of the suggestions of fashion stylists.

Leopard print leggings

Models imitating the skin of animals have not gone out of popular trends for several seasons. This is quite a bold and even aggressive decision. To give an image of femininity and elegance, tiger tights-leggings are well combined with dresses of type A or a straight silhouette of a solid composition.

Another option is long shirts for men in white or black. The options for the black color coupon can be very different: from dark blue to brown-black. If you tie such a shirt with an elegant belt and put on high dress shoes, then an irresistible evening dress will come out. Change your shoes for stylish boots, grab your usual bag and get a decent look for a casual outing.

Leather leggings are good for demi-season days. They look beautiful with tight tunics, bright jackets, vests trimmed with fur, warm cardigans. Leather models are one of the few leggings that can be worn with a short top.

Lace patterns

A cute, elegant look with a touch of French chic is created by a neat combination of lace tights-leggings, feminine dresses, a clutch and dress shoes with elegant heels. This bold outfit with a poorly matched top can become the pinnacle of vulgarity.

Deep tone leggings

For evening walks and semi-formal meetings, products of complex deep tones, such as lilac, chocolate, dark blue, are suitable. You can pick up a cream-colored dress or with a fashionable shade of gray ice to them, the top with an ornament or in a cage will look original. An elegant light handbag and shoes will complement the outfit.

Stylist Tips

1) Wear leggings with clothing that at least half covers the hip area; T-shirts and tops are not paired with such a piece of clothing, give preference to dresses, tunics or short skirts;

2) Combine the color combination, if the leggings are with a floral print, it is better to choose a plain top;

3) Dark shades will visually hide figure flaws, light ones will slightly add volume;

4) Women's heel-length leggings visually lengthen the figure, make a short girl more fit, short options are only for tall ladies;

5) Matching shoes will visually lengthen the legs, and the contrast of colors will draw attention to them.

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