What to wear with slip-ons?

Everyone has already remembered well what is fashionable this year, what is natural and comfortable. This also applies to hairstyles, and make-up and, of course, clothes. What about shoes? You ask. And shoes, even more so! The more practical, lighter, more comfortable, more natural, the more stylish. When updating your wardrobe for summer, don't forget a pair of ultra-fashionable and even more comfortable slip-ons. Slip-ons – simply put, sneakers without laces, without laces, with elastic rubber inserts on the sides for ease of slipping on.

They are mostly made of natural lightweight materials, but you can even find models made of leather. A characteristic feature of slip-ons is a uniform, medium-height rubber sole. This is when – then slip-ons were sports shoes, and today they are a fashionable option for a casual look. They will suit you even if you have problems with the selection of shoes due to the fullness of the instep.

Due to their specific shape, slip-ons are comfortable to wear in the summer, when the foot sweats and swells during the heat. Do not doubt the popularity of seemingly primitive slippers, your confident "Yes!" Céline, Prada, Lanvin, Saint Laurent, Mother of Pearl, Givenchy, Maison Martin Margiela said this shoe. And that says a lot!

What to combine slip-ons with?
Slip-ons are quite versatile, with their help you can create almost any look. For a casual option, choose your favorite jeans, boyfriend jeans. Combine with wide-cut shirts, T-shirts or tunics.

It will also look good with cropped trousers, in which case it is better to choose plain slip-ons without decor. To create a gentle look, for a date, going to the cinema or to an exhibition, it is enough to get slip-ons with lace trim. They look more gentle, wear a flying dress or a wide floor-length skirt under them. If there is a need to combine these shoes with a more formal outfit, such as trousers and a jacket, then confidently choose plain slip-ons, possibly made of leather.

As for the color and texture, then of course you should give preference to monochromatic models, actual summer colors, without ignoring the ever-fashionable black. But as for the material, then the choice is yours. Lace, leather, mesh or natural materials, the main thing is that they fit easily into everyday wardrobe. Avoid slip-on overly decorated, unrealistically intricate colors, because their main task – comfort and versatility. 

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