What to wear with red shoes

Red color – the color of passion, brightness, fire. Every woman at least once in her life dressed in this luxurious color, or at least dreamed of having things of this color in her wardrobe. If you don’t have enough courage to buy a red dress or jacket, since women wear such things with caution, then choosing classic red shoes is not a particular problem.

Shoes of this shade are very bright and attract the eyes of others, but in order not to overdo it with colors, you need to approach the choice of things for red shoes thoroughly. Red shoes look spectacular with denim trousers, deep rich color, even with classic black and gray shades when it comes to a business look.

A skirt or trouser suit in dark colors with red shoes with a closed nose will look win-win. The main thing is not to overdo it with a complex cut and accessories, since the shoes are a bright accent in the image, everything else should be simple. If you want a more romantic look, just opt for light, flowing fabrics with a floral print, and put the emphasis on all the same red shoes.

One more thing to remember: red shoes involuntarily draw attention to the feet, so they must be flawless. Don't be afraid to be bright, experiment with colors!