What to wear with boyfriend jeans

The beginning of this year introduced us to the practical and fashionable trend of this year, we will talk about boyfriend jeans.

What is it and what to wear them with now and discuss. Boyfriends – This is a jeans model with a very low waist and crotch. Almost always, some design is missing, but there are some scuffs or even holes. These jeans, as it were, were taken off the guy, and therefore "boyfriends". With their outward rudeness, they are most suitable for fragile, tall girls, as they favorably emphasize their thin waists and little voluminous hips.

If your height is not high and you are the owner of voluminous hips, it is still better to refuse this model. Those young ladies who believe that such jeans can only be worn with sports or rough shoes are mistaken. Just the opposite! The perfect option is a stiletto heel and an elongated toe.

If we talk about the top, then both a fitted turtleneck and a voluminous jumper or shirt will be ideally combined with boyfriends. You can complement the image with a bag, a hat and, of course, concise accessories. These jeans are a must have this year, do not miss the opportunity to look stylish!