What to wear with an elongated vest

An elongated vest that resembles a sleeveless coat has long been at the peak of popularity. Many fashionistas prefer an elongated vest, instead of the usual jackets and coats, because this is a good alternative option both in business style and casual. This fashionable piece of clothing is really very versatile and original, it visually stretches the silhouette and slims the figure. How to wear it correctly and what to combine it with - we will now tell. 

For the first time such a vest saw the world in the 70s thanks to the fashion house Yves Saint Lauren, but in 2014-15 it appeared in the collections of Hermes, Prada, Balenciaga and really returned to fashion. Elongated vests are made using different materials, textures and decorative elements. For warmer weather, models from light fabrics are suitable, for cool weather - from cashmere and wool. Now the most fashionable style is a vest, reminiscent of a men's coat, only without sleeves, decorative elements and below the knee length. 

With such a vest, you can create different looks, it fits perfectly with any outfit. An elongated vest looks good with skirts and dresses, and they can be both classic and casual. Best of all, the code is the length of the vest below the skirt or dress. The simplest and most common option is to combine a vest with jeans and trousers. Again, it can be culottes, boyfriend jeans and regular skinny. Everything has to be chosen according to the occasion. When it's warm outside, you can wear a vest made of lightweight fabrics over a shirt, crop top or T-shirt - it will look stylish. 

To create a business image, you should choose a vest of a simple, strict style and combine it with classic trousers, blouses, sheath skirts. Such an outfit will not let your bosses doubt the observance of the dress code and will make your everyday work look more diverse. If you want to wear an elongated vest for an evening out, then you can experiment a little here - choose a vest using an interesting fabric or decor. Combine it with cocktail dresses that look harmonious with a vest.