What to wear with a high waisted skirt

It often happens that when we show our new fashionable image to men, we do not find approval. Their wide trousers, asymmetrical jackets and huge stilettos are not impressive. Men are extremely convinced that everything that is natural and feminine is beautiful. In the image of a modern girl, nothing looks so gentle and feminine as a skirt. In the summer season, the most trendy style is considered to be a high-waisted skirt.

Not surprising at all! After all, it is this model of the skirt that fits the waist and hips as much as possible, while making them expressive and seductive. The ideal option is when the height of the skirt is above the navel, and it is long, such that the knees are covered. Thanks to this cut, the model of such a skirt will ideally complement the office version of a business suit, slightly diversifying it and making it a little more interesting, and will fit for walks, going to the movies, as it is a rather interesting wardrobe element in itself.

For a more laid-back, casual look, choose a sleeveless crop top in a solid color and pair it with a high-waisted skirt in a contrasting color or color. It is recommended to choose a skirt of this style for young ladies without problem areas in the waist area, because this model focuses on the waist, emphasizes the chest and lengthens the legs.

Don't wear thick-soled shoes or wide heels with a tight high-waisted skirt, the model will look more sophisticated with medium-heeled stiletto pumps. It is recommended to wear light blouses, plain turtlenecks or tight tops with such skirts.