What to wear with a denim shirt?

A denim shirt is a very practical and versatile item in any girl's wardrobe. It can be combined with anything and each time based on it to create new images. The indispensability of a denim shirt is due to the fabric from which it is made - this is denim. Do they still wear jeans? Over the years, the fashion for style and color only changes, and it’s the same with a denim shirt. How and with what to wear this fashionable piece of clothing, we will now figure it out. 

A denim shirt is great for a business look. It would seem that these are not at all compatible things, but if you choose the rest of the clothes correctly, you will get a stylish outfit for the office. For example, a denim shirt with a pencil skirt made of neutral fabric (not suit). Or a shirt with black skinny trousers, a jacket to match the trousers and an interesting necklace under the shirt collar. Such an image is moderately businesslike and moderately everyday, and at work you will definitely not go unnoticed.

If you're going to a disco or an informal dance event, wear a denim shirt with a bright mini skirt! Pick up jewelry and a clutch - a fashionable look is ready!

In the company of a denim shirt, layering harmonizes well. Try to combine several layers of clothing, but the image should not look heavy - the clothes should be properly matched. Wear a denim shirt to the very bottom, a V-neck jumper over the shirt, and a biker jacket over the jumper. Wear skinny pants with rock-style boots to the bottom and you will look great! Another option - versatile and casual - is to wear a denim shirt over dresses, T-shirts and tank tops. In such a composition, it will replace a denim jacket, only much thinner and lighter than its "relative".

Another original way to wear a denim shirt is to wear it with jeans. At first, you might think that denim will blend in, but it doesn't! The set can be created both from things of the same shade of denim, and different ones. For a country style look, add fringed boots or a wide-brimmed hat. If you don't already have a denim shirt, then definitely buy it. If the thing is of high quality, then it will serve you for many years and will be an indispensable part of your wardrobe.