What to wear to an interview?

Interviewing is a very important part of getting a job, because it is on This is the stage where you make the first impression of yourself. This is the so-called 
self-presentation on which your future career development in a particular enterprise depends. Many factors influence whether the employer will like you or not: behavior, voice tone, gestures, but appearance plays a very important role in the interview. How you show yourself is how people will think of you. 

First of all, pay attention to your neatness. You should have a well-groomed appearance - clean hair and a neat manicure. Take care of this in advance so as not to run around the apartment in a hurry before the interview and wave your hands so that the varnish dries quickly. And do not forget that the manicure should be a neutral color. Also, do not overdo it with perfume - they should be with a light train. 


As for the most important thing - clothing - the choice of outfit depends on what job are you going to do. In any case, it is forbidden to dress brightly and provocatively, because this is a direct way to deny you a job. Leave new dresses and suits in the closet, it is important that you feel comfortable. Do not wear overly expensive outfits, because the employer may be distracted by your clothes and miss important points in the interview. Take care of your shoes. If you go to an interview in bad weather and wear boots, make sure they are clean. Avoid high heels. In summer, opt for shoes with a closed heel. When choosing jewelry, keep in mind that large rings and earrings will catch the eye and repel the interviewer. Put on modest stud earrings and this will be enough. 

If you are going to an interview in a serious company where a dress code is inevitable, then dress identically for the interview. For example, a black pantsuit and a white blouse. Forget about bright colors, frilly prints - leave them for more creative professions. As for the last case, here you need to dress more freely. Some memorable accent is ideal - a bright scarf, an interesting bag, an original blazer. Indeed, in the work of an art director, PR manager or designer, everything is not as strict as in a bank or a medical institution.