What is unisex style?

Have you noticed that you prefer things of the opposite sex? Or when choosing a perfume, you notice that what is listed as masculine suits you perfectly in style, character and mood? You are not alone, this often happens. This is nothing more than a manifestation of unisex. This style involves things, and not only clothes, but also shoes, hairstyles, makeup and perfume, which are equally well suited for both men and women.

Experts believe that the world-famous Coco Chanel made the first step towards the emergence of a unisex style, it was she who abandoned uncomfortable corsets and fluffy skirts, and gave preference to comfortable things that made a woman free.

As a result, the fair sex began to wear trousers and jeans, which shocked the men of that time, as it was purely men's clothing. Later, from the screens, the heroines of the films dressed in men's suits, supposedly successful and independent women, looked at us. For the first time, unisex style gained worldwide popularity in the 90s, and all because of fashion designer Calvin Klein and his muse, model Kate Moss, who successfully advertised his famous collection for teenagers.

This collection features pieces that teens love, such as shapeless sweaters, light-colored suits and wide leg jeans that look good on boys and girls alike. Young people accepted this style with awe and delight, and it began to win the hearts of millions.

The unisex style has blurred the distinctions between the sexes significantly. In our fast and fickle world, unisex clothing has become very popular due to its practicality, comfort and ease.