What is "mules"?

As you know, there are never too many shoes. And good and stylish, so even more so. The main one who was convinced of this with all his heart and soul was the heroine of the famous film "Sex and the City", Kerry Bradshaw, and in life an even greater fashionista and lover of bright things – Sarah Jessica Parker. It was she who bought expensive shoes from Manolo Blahnik, and put them in the dressing room, which every girl dreamed of at that time. Mules were her favorite shoes.

What is it, you ask? Everything is pretty simple. Mules – these are women's shoes with heels (high and not very, thin or wide, the main thing is to be elegant!), with an open or closed toe (round, long and sharp or square, it doesn’t matter), most importantly, with an open heel. These graceful shoes have always been held in high esteem by women, but in 2015 they actively "moved" from the catwalks to the streets. The current trendy and modern models of mules are often decorated with embroidery, rhinestones, sequins, lacing and rivets, spikes or any other design.

The toe, as in the classic model, can be closed and framed with a metal insert. Newer models of mules can also be open-toed and have a platform, and this already makes them slightly similar to another type of summer shoe - clogs. This stylish, practical and comfortable type of footwear is extremely suitable for the hot season, looks chic on slender and tanned female legs and goes well with almost any clothes that you are used to wearing every day.

A lot of designers and fashion designers worked on the design of summer mules this year, for example Marc Jacobs, Viktor&Rolf, Miu Miu and Oscar de la Renta. Mules are very feminine and light shoes, they draw attention to women's legs and make them feel fresh and sexy in summer. It is important to remember one moment! If your choice fell on mules, be sure to check the condition of your pedicure, as the heels and nails (in the open version of the shoe) will be put on public display, and they will get a significant part of the attention.