What is a family look?

To be stylish and fashionable is not for a day, not for a month, it is for life. And after the girls grow up and become mothers, their desire to remain the same fashionistas does not disappear anywhere. This is how the concept of "family look" appeared. What is it? In fact, everything is quite simple. Family bow – this is when a mother and a child, most often a daughter, dress in the same style, or even the same. For us, this is a fashionable, new "chip", but foreign stars have long made it a real cult.

That is, they do not just buy something similar or from the same fabric, but literally wear identical things, shoes and accessories. According to fashion experts, the world-famous singer Madonna became the inventor of the family style. It was she who decided that children's clothes were not suitable in style for her daughter Lourdes, and ordered the designers to completely copy her wardrobe for her daughter.

It looked not just insanely cute, but actually impeccably stylish and unrealistically sensual. After all, these are not just things, this is a whole perception of the family, an indicator of how close mother and daughter are, and how this family is united.

There is no doubt that after a while this fashionable trend has stepped over into the broad masses. A huge number of couples in love, and parents with children, began to traditionally use "family bows".

Since this fashion culture is more than one year old, it can be safely divided into several categories. The easiest option is when parents and children wear different things, but use similar accessories, such as handbags, hats, scarves, etc. You can also often see how inventive mothers dress with children in the same color, but the fabric and style can be different.

And of course, aerobatics is considered when the clothes are completely the same, from the same collection, and from the same designer who purposefully created a collection for a fashionable mom and her baby.