What is a "cruise collection"?

Those who carefully follow fashion often hear the expression "cruise collection". But what is it? After all, the first thing that comes to mind when hearing this phrase is swimwear and hats. But in fact, everything is much more complicated.
So what is a cruise collection? Cruise collection (from English cruise or resort collection and from French croisière) – this is a fashion line created in the off-season, exactly in the interval between the main collections, that is, after the main shows and presentations.

Basically, the cruise collection easily hints at what will be relevant in the upcoming new season. If you look at this concept from the side of fashion history, then the appearance of this term can be explained by the elementary need of rich people to wear new things. This was the case when the weather became cold and rainy, the aristocrats left to spend autumn and winter in warmer climes.

These were mainly African and Asian countries, which were far from luxury. Therefore, to travel on luxury liners, they ordered a clothing line from their fashion designers, since they no longer had the desire to wear the old. Fashion designers quickly adopted this trend – and in the middle of autumn, summer cruise collections appeared. It is created exclusively for wealthy people, naturally, some of the best and most expensive fabrics are selected.

Clothes, shoes and even accessories – everything is just luxury. Things must be very convenient and comfortable for a hot climate, and of course, correspond to the high level of events at which people who ordered these things have to attend. Without a doubt, the cruise collection includes cocktail and evening dresses, summer clothes, as well as warm clothes for walking, accessories, shoes and swimwear, and this makes it a complete clothing line.