What is a cocktail dress?

We often hear a request to wear a cocktail dress to an event, or reporting a dress code at work is a requirement to wear a cocktail dress. What are these cocktail dresses, how do they look where to wear them, let's try to figure it out today. Cocktail dress or cocktail dress – this cropped dress is medium length, slightly covering the knees without sleeves and collar.

The winter version is more closed, and the summer version is open and successfully combines the proportions of closed and open parts of the body. This dress will forever remain a classic element of the basic women's wardrobe, as it is the embodiment of femininity and sexuality.

Now these dresses are simply irreplaceable at social events, parties and just going out, of course, in addition to the appropriate accessories. Every woman is obliged to have three or four cocktail dresses in her wardrobe, since this particular model is most successfully combined with jackets, vests, boleros, small clutches to create a modern and comfortable look. And no matter what you wear with this type of dress, with high heels with stilettos or low-speed ballet flats, success is guaranteed.