What is a capsule collection?

Girls who love everything fashionable and branded, and most importantly quality, should take a close look at the capsule collections. A capsule is a small collection of products that are created by a famous designer or guest celebrity for a fashion brand. This is done in order to create a new reason to talk about the fashion brand, remember it and look at its fashion world with different eyes. A fashion brand that has managed to see in someone, whether an artist or a young famous star, a new look at things, but in their style, offers cooperation, while risking nothing.

After all, only 8-30 models are mainly presented in the capsule collection of clothes. It can be clothes, shoes, accessories, and even decor items and furniture. Often such collections appear in some specific shops and, of course, in limited quantities. No wonder they are also called mass-exclusivity, which translates as an exclusive thing at an affordable price. The whole point of capsule collections is to show and enable a wide range of consumers to buy and use unique high quality items at a very reasonable price.

It's less common, but it still happens, that capsule collections are very narrowly thematic, they are dedicated to someone or something that inspired them to create this collection.

So, for example, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana created a capsule collection in which they once again sang their love for Italy and the town of Portofino. Swimsuits, bikinis, sundresses, dresses and iPhone cases feature bright landscapes, a lot of floral and marine themes. Things are available for order, but obviously not for long.