What bags should be in the women's wardrobe

Something, and every girl has a bag - big, small, big again and small again. Some ladies buy them in an immeasurable amount - so that half of the bags just fall into dust, while others go with one - old and shabby, but reliable, and because it is very difficult to find an analogue of a super convenient bag. You can’t save money on a bag, but you also need to know the golden mean in their quantity. What models a modern girl can't do without - now we'll figure it out. 

The first thing you need to know about bags is that if you buy a quality item, it will serve you for a very long time and retain its presentation. So, do not chase super low prices - it will be very disappointing when the handle falls off your bag or the lock deteriorates in the first week. When buying, be sure to check the headset - does the bag fasten well, pay attention to the seams - they should be even, no glue and protruding threads should be visible. 

A bag that every woman should have in her arsenal is a classic leather bag with a rectangular shape and one large compartment. This model is universal - it is suitable for work and study. This bag will fit everything you need and you will not have to look for this or that thing for a long time, because the bag has a hard bottom and holds its shape well - things will not get lost in it, unlike a soft bag.

The second required model is a small shoulder bag. This model most often has an adjustable strap. Choose a bag with a soft strap so that it does not cause you discomfort in wearing. Shoulder bags are very practical - they will fit what we do not leave the house without - these are keys, a phone and a wallet. Who else does not have a shoulder bag, confess?

A backpack - this device was originally invented for the military, tourists and climbers, but soon became part of everyday life. The backpack is very comfortable and roomy - if you are going on a hike, a trip or a long trip, then it will come in handy more than ever. And who wants to show off with a backpack, now there are many stylish models - made of leather and textiles, with decor and interesting prints. 

The clutch is ideal for an evening out. This small handbag will perfectly complement your elegant outfit. It is worn in the hand, pressed to the side and supporting the bottom with the palm of your hand. 


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