Wedding fashion 2016

The fashion for wedding dresses is changing very quickly: just yesterday puffy dresses were popular, and today they are fitted. Every year designers come up with something new and we do not have time to follow new trends. But what is really relevant this season and what brides should focus on - now let's see!

Lace is the most popular trend in wedding dress collections in 2016. Thin translucent lace covering the neckline, back or arms is a very elegant detail of the dress. It skillfully emphasizes sexuality and at the same time does not cause vulgarity. If you want to feel like a princess, then look at dresses with a long train. It can be with lace, ruffles or floral patterns. In any case, it looks very impressive. 

An excess of rhinestones, stones, transparent corsets and fluffy skirts are long gone. They were replaced by intellectual minimalism. The simple style of the dress will never look too boring, because it is a happy bride! And if you think carefully, then with the help of additional accessories you can create a bewitching image - beautiful and modest at the same time. Check out the silk dresses, reminiscent of the vintage style of The Great Gatsby. They will perfectly emphasize your advantages and hide your flaws.

Brave brides will love another equally important trend - a deep neckline. A dress with such an expressive detail will definitely attract the eyes of others. But it is important to remember that such a neckline should look stylish, not vulgar, because now is the era of romance, not emancipation. Well, for girls who prefer to leave the neckline closed - we suggest opening the back. A wedding dress with translucent lace or tulle on the back looks very nice. 

A double skirt is another original solution for a wedding dress. If someone does not understand what we are talking about, we explain - another skirt (more fluffy) is attached to a dress with a simple style, which can be removed at any time and surprise guests with two outfits.

And finally, it is important to know: despite all sorts of fashion trends, remember that you need to choose a wedding dress taking into account the features of your figure.