We wear snood beautifully!

"Sophistication embodied in practicality!" – as leading stylists call fashionable snood scarves. Due to their unusual shape and texture they not only look amazing, but even in the most severe frosts they can give comfort and warmth.

Our selection of tips will help you navigate and create a stylish look for the upcoming cold days.

The peculiarity of the snood is that it can be tied in completely different ways: make it a hat or bandage, tie around the neck or stretch it over the shoulders, etc. At the same time, it will not untie and will not lose its shape like a simple scarf. And a variety of models, colors and shapes will allow you to look in a new way every day.

But no matter what outfit you choose a snood scarf for, casual, romantic or even sporty, it is important to know that:

1. the color should not match the hair and skin of the face;

2. when it's very cold and windy outside, it's better to refuse a pink or burgundy scarf;

3. under a pale face it is not recommended to choose snood in a green tint;

4. black accessory will add age;

5. According to all the canons of fashion, a snood scarf, gloves and a hat should match in color.

If you plan to wear an accessory with discreet colors, then you should choose fashionable shades such as cherry, chocolate, orange, lilac and purple. The only color that stylists advise to completely abandon is black.

What is fashionable to combine snood with?

Knitted voluminous snood scarves allow you to transform not sufficiently modern basic models or refresh outerwear that does not have designer frills. And knitted, fabric or silk models can equally be used in severe frosts, and during  ;light bad weather.

How to wear a snood scarf?

  • With demi-season jackets, windbreakers, autumn jackets. But for such combinations knitted snood bright colors are more suitable. They are unlikely to save you from the cold, but but they will give the general look some zest.
  • Under a coat of various styles. So, a voluminous scarf is more suitable for a fitted model with a collar. If your coat has a hood, then it is better to opt for a thin model and put it on, wrapping it several times under the hood. If you do not have such a snood, then in this case a voluminous scarf will be appropriate, but then it is advisable not to fasten the coat.
  • With a down jacket. For this option, it is better to take a knitted voluminous collar.
  • With a fur coat. In this case, it is also recommended to give preference to voluminous snoods with large viscous, and the longer the fur on the fur coat, the more magnificent the scarf should be.
  • As a headdress and wear it like a normal hood.

There are plenty of combinations of snood, so every day you can create a new look.

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