We select a belt for a dress

Nothing transforms a dress like a harmoniously matched belt or belt. A beautiful exclusive accessory can not only improve the image, but also unusually update, transform and add a "new reading" into a silhouette. However, among the variety of models of belts and belts under the dress, it is easy to get confused. Let's try to clarify.

Types of belts and belts for a dress

Each belt from the whole sea of diversity has three main functions: the belt either supports clothes, or emphasizes the waist, or acts as an element of decoration. The most wonderful option is when the belt can successfully combine these practical and aesthetic characteristics.

Strap. It is a narrow belt made of leather or fabric. This classic look is always on trend. A one-color strap is perfect for a business dress, especially in combination with a handbag and shoes. For cocktail dresses, you can use bright contrasting colors of the – this will create additional emphasis on the waist and magically update the outfit.

Belt-chain. An original decoration that is not suitable for all types of figure and cut of the dress. A thin elegant chain will look good with shirt dresses on an expressive waist.

Wide belt. A dress with a wide belt unobtrusively emphasizes seductive curves and emphasizes the figure. These belts include sashes and elastic belts. Each fashion collection will certainly boast of outfits girded with a wide belt.

Corset belt. Wide belt in a particularly rigid design – durable jeans, leather, dense matter. This belt is designed to highlight the waist, creating an hourglass figure. A corset belt looks great on long flowing loose dresses, but fluffy short dresses with a belt of this type look exceptional.

How to tie a belt on a dress

Of course, some belts are equipped with special buckles and fasteners, so that there are no problems with fastening the belt around the waist. However, when it comes to long belts, agility and skill will not hurt.

The sashes provide for wrapping around the waist. In this case, the number of revolutions can vary from one to three. The classic way of "organizing" soft belt on the dress – traditional bow.

A graceful feminine bow will give a unique charm and charm, no matter what belt you finish with it. The bow looks perfect both at the waist and under the bust, and on the hips. At the same time, the bow can be tied both deliberately casually and perfectly evenly, depending on the style and model of the dress.

As for hard belts, they are usually tied in a simple single knot or loop knot. The strap tied with a double knot has a special aesthetic.

Of course, choose a suitable belt or belt for the dress – not such a simple science. And therefore, before you buy women's belts for a dress, you need to accurately determine the type of your figure, soberly assess your merits and have a good idea of what you will wear this or that belt for. Only then will the belt and belt be able to transform your outfit and emphasize your shapes.

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