We say "stop" to heels

Are there those among our readers who prefer shoes exclusively at low speed? Well, of course there is! For the past few seasons, high heels have been virtually absent from the catwalks. Well, except for haute couture collections. Designers are increasingly giving preference to practicality and a satisfied audience is happy to support this trend. Sneakers and sneakers, loafers and ballerinas - there are many stylish low-speed models that will suit almost all outfits.


Office dress code


If the type of activity obliges you to go to work in business suits, then this is not at all a reason to flaunt uncomfortable stilettos every day! Pay attention to the models on a flat course - these are loafers, oxfords, slip-ons, low boots or pointed ballet flats. For example, loafers are great for business style. Wear them with a variety of pantsuits. Low boots (chelsea, brogues) are best combined with tight cropped trousers or pencil skirts, sheath dresses. 

Ballet shoes are suitable for almost all outfits. There are so many different models on the market today that choosing something stylish and comfortable is not at all difficult. Do not go in cycles in classic flats made of smooth black leather. Take a cue from British Prime Minister Theresa May - leopard ballerinas create a bright accent in a simple look!


Sneakers - for all occasions


Sneakers and sneakers are appropriate not only for everyday or sports looks, skillful fashionistas wear them both for work and for social events! Every girl should have basic white sneakers in her arsenal. They go with almost everything - from business suits to cocktail dresses. 

When it comes to sneakers, here you need to be able to separate models designed for sports from models designed for walking. The former have a specially designed shape and an orthopedic sole that is suitable for running. The latter have a simpler structure. Pair your sneakers with dresses, sundresses, skirts, trousers and, of course, jeans.