We choose sportswear. What should be taken into account?

It's spring outside! It means... No, not that the trees are blossoming and the grass is starting to turn green. That means it's time to hit the gym! Yes, yes, spring-spring, but you need to monitor your health and figure. Moreover, this time will instantly fly by and the beach season will come, when you should look your best.

An important component of training is regularity, perseverance and the correct technique for performing exercises. But no less important detail is a sports uniform. After all, our mood depends on the appearance. If you put on an old shabby uniform, in which you can only dig potatoes in the garden, you will not be so devoted to training as in new stylish leggings that attract the views of others. 

What shape to choose? The most common option is a black top with leggings. But now there is a huge selection of sportswear in a diverse color palette. Bright prints are very relevant - both geometric, floral and abstract. Such clothes can be seen in the Adidas by Stella McCartney collection. Contrasting inserts look great - both in soothing colors and in bright ones. With the help of such details, you can even visually adjust the figure.

If you want to cheer up yourself and others  - put on a uniform in neon colors. These clothes look bright, fresh and rich and are ideal for active fitness activities. For passive sports such as yoga, Pilates will suit a shape in soothing pastel colors. It will set you in the right mood and help you relax as much as possible. Choose comfortable clothes - flared trousers have long gone out of fashion, and they will interfere with your exercise.

When choosing sportswear, you need to pay attention to many factors. The fabric should be of high quality, pass air well and not retain moisture. The seams of the product should be even, without protruding threads. If you have the opportunity, stretch the fabric in your hands and see how it behaves. Give preference to products without unnecessary attributes - locks, fasteners, because they can interfere with your workouts. Pick up sports underwear - after all, it also plays an important role. Wearing the wrong underwear while exercising can cause discomfort. Follow our tips and be beautiful!

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