Wardrobe Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is a global fashion and style icon, the owner of one of the most popular Instagram accounts, and the founder of a line of perfumes and cosmetics. Each secular image of a celebrity can be taken as an example and draw creative ideas for your own bows. It's no secret that Kim has made a significant contribution to the creation of modern trends and fashion in the 21st century in general.

In this article Garne will look at the most interesting details of the celebrity wardrobe.

Tight things

Kim can often be seen wearing super tight dresses. They especially favorably emphasize the unusual figure of a celebrity. Kardashian is not shy about wearing too short things, but on the contrary, she prefers mini-length skirts.

Latex clothing

The celebrity knows how to attract the attention of the public, her decision to wear a latex dress was especially extravagant. Kim has repeatedly appeared in public in sexy and revealing outfits, thereby bringing latex to the top of the main trends of this year.

Wide-shouldered jackets

The highlight of Kim's style is wide, almost masculine, jackets. Such an accessory will definitely not leave indifferent lovers of comfortable images. Although the jackets look massive, they give the image a special femininity and tenderness.

Combine incompatible

In her images, Kardashian combines things that are hard to imagine in one bow. For example, the star often wears sports shorts and heels together. This interpretation is quite unusual in everyday life, but it looks stylish and tasteful.

Fashion for white

White color is always relevant, attractive and stylish. Looking through photos of Kim, you can see that the celebrity loves to wear light-colored things. Such clothes are perfect for women with a tan, because it will be interesting to harmonize with the skin of the hands and face. White looks festive and elegant, and is also useful in hot seasons.

Nothing extra

Lately, it's hard to see the Kardashians in too flashy outfits. Celebrity prefers sporty style, minimalism and pastel colors. Kim often wears light tops, wide leg pants, and oversized sweatshirts. Sometimes, the star combines them with high-heeled shoes – come out modern and extraordinary bows.

Kim Kardashian Style – an inexhaustible source of fresh perspectives, interesting interpretations and fashionable lessons to look up to and take into account.