Vyshyvanka is a must have all over the world

Ukrainian ethnic style is in fashion now more than ever. World designers create collections with embroidered shirts and zhupans, and American Vogue writes that the influence of Ukrainian culture in recent times cannot be denied. Many Hollywood stars choose the Ukrainian traditional style for going out or for everyday walks. Taylor Swift, Kate Moss, Halle Berry, Madonna and many other celebrities post photos in embroidered shirts on social networks. 

Ukraine is now in the spotlight of the whole world. And, as we know, because of not entirely pleasant events. But on the optimistic side, it helped people awaken patriotism and the national idea in themselves, which are also expressed in clothing. The introduction of Ukrainian traditional style into the global fashion industry began with Ukrainian catwalks. Not so long ago, during the 37th th Ukrainian Fashion Week, there was a presentation of the project "Origins", dedicated to Ukrainian culture and Ukrainian style. Models paraded down the runway in period clothing provided by the Dress History Center. Such events remind people how important it is to remember their history and how beautiful the Ukrainian national costume is.

Among Ukrainian fashion designers who use ethnic style to the fullest in collections: Lilia Pustovit, Irina Karavay. Roksolana Bogutskaya. But the real find was the designer Vita Kin. She created a collection of original embroidered shirts called VYSHYVANKA BY VITA KIN. The designer gained worldwide fame instantly, her clothes are scattered all over the world, and the phone does not stop from calls and offers from foreign fashion gurus. Anna Dello Russo herself (editor of the Japanese Vogue) and the first lady of Ukraine, Marina Poroshenko, wear outfits from Vita Kin.  

French designer Isabel Marant keeps up with her peers. The fashion designer is known for her love of experimenting and mixing different ethnic styles. Thus, in 2014, an authentic embroidered shirt came out from under the talented hand of the fashion designer. The simple style and traditional ornament appealed to many stars, including Lana Del Rey. 

Valentino Spring-Summer 2015 collection in Paris caused a real sensation. The fashion house presented clothes in ethnic Slavic style. Embroidered shirts, ornamental dresses, ribbons, hemstitching and natural fabric - everything was very thoughtful and elegant. 

Whatever fashion critics prophesy or famous fashion designers create, our national style will always be in fashion. After all, what could be more beautiful than a Slavic girl in an embroidered shirt?