Unique dresses from Zuhair Murad

No matter how athletic a girl is, there will definitely come a moment in her life when she will have to wear a dress. And it will be a graduation party or a birthday, or even a wedding, the choice of a dress should be taken seriously, because it will remain in your and the memory of your loved ones for life.
This is the goal of Lebanese-born designer Zuhair Murad.

From childhood, he dreamed of dressing women in unique outfits, not just sewing them, but creating them with the help of imagination and his skill. In 1997, the designer opened a small studio in Beirut, it was in his homeland that he began to create his masterpieces, drawing sketches on paper. But in Lebanon, the emu had too little space, Zuhair dreamed of high fashion, because it was there, in his opinion, that he could realize himself. In 1999, his dream came true. Models Zuhair Murad first appeared on the catwalk at one of the Fashion Week.

It was an unsurpassed success! Everyone was talking about a new young designer who creates things for women, so accurately reflecting their true nature. All his dresses stood out for their special luxury, complexity of cut, expensive unique fabrics, intricate handmade embroidery, precious jewelry and, of course, undisguised sexuality.

After a couple of years, the designer made his debut at the haute couture week in Paris. All possible publications wrote about him, and his outfits began to be chosen by world stars for red carpets, awards and other celebrations.

With the speed of light, the headquarters of Zuhair Murad appeared in all the fashion capitals of the world. The popularity has become so high that they even released a unique Zuhair Murad Barbie doll, in a special luxurious evening dress.
Designer outfits are pretentious for any woman, because they are both gentle and sexy, luxurious, but not defiant. Wearing dresses from Zuhair Murad, every girl has the opportunity to feel like a queen.