Unique cardigan from Lalo

Every woman is ready for a lot to emphasize her individuality. And what can better reveal the character, mood and inner world of a woman than handmade things?

A few years ago, fashion shows, social. networks, fashion parties, and just city streets filled with wonderful voluminous cardigans. They are special in that they are connected in a special three-dimensional 3D style and the color "flowed" from one to another. Women immediately liked them, many began to look for where to buy or order them, and some more began to knit a cardigan on their own. But, not everyone knew that this thing did not accidentally "fall out" out of some fashionista's closet, and suddenly became popular, she has creators and her own story.

Georgian designers sisters Nina and Lalo Dolidze created something incredible out of wool. Chic, voluminous, soft and warm and incredibly stylish, the cardigan perfectly protects from the weather. It is also unique in that it belongs to the demi-season wardrobe. It is designed for the time when it is still not very cold, but still you want to put something on top.

And despite the fact that every girl tried to buy or knit something like this, this cardigan looks invariably unique on each of its owners. Gentle natures chose gentle, pastel colors, for example, milky which flowed into pink and then into blue.

Under jeans and sneakers, blue and red threads were perfectly combined. The model in a single-color version has also become very popular, and the choice of color is already your personal matter, a matter of taste.

Despite the fact that the Lalo cardigan is not a novelty of this year, it still remains a stylish wardrobe item, and girls who have acquired this fashionable little thing are in no hurry to put this unique cardigan with large, voluminous braids far into the closet.