Ukrainian style is in fashion

This year, the fashion for everything Ukrainian has broken all records. Many designers and craftswomen are now busy with work, as every self-respecting Ukrainian considers it necessary to have a national vyshyvanka in his wardrobe. It’s great if one of your relatives managed to embroider a national amulet for you, while others have to find embroidered shirts in workshops or ateliers. National clothes are a talisman, so its choice should be taken very responsibly.
Many Ukrainian pop stars, when choosing casual or concert clothes, are increasingly choosing things stylized in the Ukrainian style, this is an example to follow for many.

It's nice to realize that more and more often many designers focus their work on the national style. The – boutique has become very popular. atelier of Cossack clothes "Otaman". Clothing from "Otaman" high-quality, really fashionable and truly Ukrainian!

Everything that in the old days the Cossack nobility chose to make their outfits is now actively used to create unique national things in a modern atelier. High-quality fabrics are used, on which embroidery is exquisitely laid.

Despite the purely national motive, things are really fashionable and their owners will always be in trend. All things are actually created in a single copy, which means that you will look unique in them. You can also find handmade shoes, accessories, and souvenirs in the atelier.
Nina Matvienko, Katya Osadchaya, the singer Illaria, the Gaidamaky musical group confidently made their choice in favor of uniqueness, originality and support for everything Ukrainian. and many other Ukrainian stars.

Choose Ukrainian, be in trend!

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