Trunk bag is back in fashion

Men often listen to their women with bewilderment, and it is rather difficult to perceive the information that some thing was left in another bag. How about in another? Why didn't she fit? Why did it need to be changed at all? Yes, because we women have a very subtle sense of style, and we remember that a small clutch does not fit sneakers in any way, and an Adidas sports bag will look very ridiculous with heels. Therefore, every day when we gather, we think over our image, and, accordingly, the bag changes every day depending on the outfit. But, this summer, it seems that the problem has been resolved a little. Trunk bags, which were very fashionable in the 70s, are back in fashion. This summer, designers have given them a "second life". Baul — big or not, bag-bag.

It is possible in the model of such a bag and straps that can easily make a comfortable backpack out of the bag. This version of the bag will become both a comfortable everyday option, because it is very roomy and practical, and an excellent find for trips to nature or out of town. Trunks are sewn from dense, practical fabrics. Ideally, this is genuine leather, or its high-quality substitute, or polyurethane.

Today, the trunk bag has taken its rightful place in the wardrobes of fashionistas in many countries, regardless of age and tastes. It will become a favorite accessory for you if you are a hippie or boho chic or rock and roll casual style lover. In this case, definitely make your choice in favor of a beige trunk, brown or black.

Fringe is great for decorating, and decorating with metallic details like chains, spikes, and studs. Trunk bag can easily be called one of the most convenient and comfortable to use ladies' bags — she is like a "black hole" and is able to accommodate almost everything that you will need throughout the day. You can wear a bag with any clothes, of course, within a reasonable combination of clothing styles and primary colors.