Trendy women's chino pants

Are you obsessed with jeans and think that there is no alternative to them? Believe me, you are deeply mistaken! There are many other types of pants that have many advantages in use and are often more appropriate in a given situation. For example, chino pants – loose pants, light and soft, one of the elements of the basic wardrobe, which can be easily replaced with ordinary jeans and thereby embody the sophisticated and laid-back image of a modern woman.

Chinos for women: what is it?

Surprisingly, most of us have never even heard of this type of pants, although they already exist and have been actively worn around the world for over 150 years! And initially they were male...

For the first time, pants called chinos appeared in 1848 with the light hand of a British military officer serving in distant India. In a tropical climate, the snow-white uniform of his wards quickly became dirty, so the officer decided to dye it with a mixture of dust, ground coffee and mulberry juice in order to somehow hide the dirt on clothes. It turned out to be an unusual brown-yellow hue that the local population became known as "khaki". This color, along with beige, has become the characteristic feature that distinguishes chinos from other types of pants today.

As for the style, it has not changed much over a century and a half, and women's chinos, like men's, are characterized by:

  • free silhouette;
  • more strict than jeans style;
  • shortened length;
  • slight narrowing in the ankle area.

Therefore, they do not hang out and do not look baggy, but strictly sit on the figure.

Earlier, chinos were sewn exclusively from natural fabrics, linen and cotton, from China (hence the name «chinos»), and today synthetic fibers are added to raw materials for greater elasticity, strength and wear resistance. Therefore, modern chinos are suitable for everyday wear. And the release of models with a wide range of colors allows you to create the most incredible images for various events, parties or walks, and not just for work and business meetings.

But in this case, it is important not just to repeat someone's choice or wear the model you like, but choose the color of chinos under the general concept of the whole set of clothing and take into account the individual color type of your appearance. According to the rules of color matching, it is not allowed to have cold and warm colors and shades in one outfit. This applies to everything: clothes, shoes, & nbsp; and accessories. That is, before putting on chinos, you need to determine the type of ensemble and then compose the image. If in doubt about your own choice, see how eminent designers do it:

What makes women's chinos so special?

Like jeans, chinos for women are timeless, very practical and comfortable to wear, because they are lighter, more spacious, fit freely and do not hinder movement. Besides:

  • soft folds of trousers allow you to hide figure flaws and look slimmer;
  • due to the high waist, they visually lengthen the legs;
  • The muted colors make chinos ideal for work and business meetings;
  • the ability to tuck the legs and their narrowed cut allows tall ladies to visually reduce their height a little;
  • universal cut allows you to combine women's chinos with almost all styles;
  • The presence of two side, slightly sloping pockets, one or two back pockets, and button or zip fasteners make chinos pants very comfortable to use and functional.

In a word, these trousers are the most comfortable, example of sophistication and allow you to use your imagination in its most daring manifestations.

Who suits chinos?

Given their universal cut, chinos can be worn by absolutely all women, of any build and height. The main thing is to apply them correctly in the image and know some secrets:

 - thin people of short stature look great in chinos. Their style allows you to add volume in the right places and focus on a thin waist. If you do not tuck the bottom of the legs and put on high-heeled shoes, then this will allow "visually" give the girl growth;

- appetizing ladies do not refuse chinos either. The only advice – choose pants without a strong volume in the hips and without a strong fit to the legs. In this style and with high heels, a massive figure will look as advantageous as possible;

- for girls with a non-standard figure, for example, thin tall ladies with a narrow waist and lush hips, it is important to remember that a free silhouette and folds at the waist can visually shorten the legs or give additional width even in such a wide place. But free lines on hips perfectly suit girls with broad shoulders and narrow hips. With chinos, such a silhouette will balance and become more gentle.

That is, women's chinos suitable for almost everyone and they can be worn with pleasure, creating complete and harmonious sets for every day.

Price of women's chinos

Spice up your life! To do this, you just need to buy women's chinos, the price of which – is their biggest advantage. After all, for the money that chinos cost in Ukraine, you can’t buy decent jeans, even in online stores. And on the website, sales are also held regularly, and discounts are constantly valid, and the variety of trousers models is represented by the most enormous. So now buying chinos for women is both profitable and convenient!