Trendy shades of autumn 2018

Back in February, the Pantone Color Institute determined the list of colors that will be fashionable in the upcoming autumn-winter season 2018-2019. But only now, with the advent of autumn, they remembered him, and all the fashionistas of the world began to review their wardrobe for the presence of trendy colors in it, in order to easily pick up fashionable looks for the office, evening, and everyday wear.

What shades will be popular in the upcoming season? Let's figure it out.

Actual colors of autumn 2018

Tint palette from Pantone – it's like a weather forecast. What colors will get into it depends on what mood will reign in the fashion world in a particular season. The same applies to the coming autumn. But this time, in the fashionable palette, more than ever, the  classics and expressiveness, the traditional autumn gamma with unexpected juicy shades. Look:

Do you feel the breath of autumn? Oh yeah! In these shades, there are foliage that has fallen on the grass on the forest edge, and the rich colors of sleepy trees, and twilight with a burning sunset... Natural tones with unexpectedly bright flashes of color... Departure from old-fashioned traditions... All this is the Panton 2018 autumn palette. It as if realizes the need of modern women for individuality and creativity. There are no longer cyclical and boring trends, but attention is focused on truth, and not on old seasonal stereotypes. Therefore, the palette of fashionable shades looks completely not in autumn.


1.Red Pear

To be honest, this is the color of the pears we have not seen. But agree – the color is very beautiful! And it was he who became the main color of this fall. Red Pear rich and seductive, which is inherent in all shades red  And it will look the best in monochrome image, which is not so characteristic of autumn colors... At the same time, it will look gloomy only on swarthy and red-haired  ;girls.

2. Valiant Poppy

Looking at this shade, there is no doubt that an outfit in this color can disperse absolutely any autumn blues and even warm up on cold days. It is unrestrained, open, emotional, radiates warmth and expression, passionate  and inviting, but not aggressive. Therefore, this autumn feel free to dress in a red mono-look, or at least pick up accessories in this shade, and you will be surrounded by attention. But, like everything in orange-red color, it should not be chosen light-skinned ladies, especially blondes.

3. Nebulas Blue

Deep cosmic blue... Calm and meditative, thoughtful and peaceful. This shade, as it were, welcomes the onset of cold weather and sincerely rejoices in it. And despite its restraint, thoughtfulness and calmness, it will look good both in solo performance and in combination with all shades of red.

4. Ceylon Yellow

The last warm rays of the sun and golden autumn leaves merged into spicy yellow. He, like an Indian spice, radiates warmth, but without sharpness, soothes, but does not powder, fragrant, but not suffocating. At first glance, Ceylon Yellow isn’t very suitable for a cold autumn, but look at wool and fur interpretations in a yellow tint and you will clear – Ceylon yellow 100% belongs to this season.

5.Martini Olive

Complex, rich and very whimsical... Refined and ambiguous... Natural and very organic... It's all about the tone of Martini Olive – a muted brown tint with green, reminiscent woody  ;bark with olive green in deep. It is very elegant, mysterious, noble and deep. Therefore, it seems to be created for aristocrats. But remember that this color will suit you only if you have dark skin or a beautiful golden tan that has been preserved since the summer holidays.

6. Reddish Brown Orange (Russet Orange)

The name speaks for itself – here is the color of sweet orange, and the bright shade of the sun's rays, and the tone of fallen leaves, from under which the falling earth peeps out. In general, Russet Orange – is a reflection of the autumn mood, but so cheerful and optimistic that it seems to deny the imminent cold. It will be exactly the highlight that will create a truly summer mood for you on cold rainy days .

7.Ultra Violet

The main color of the year, intriguing, mysterious, bright and deep, which does not lose its relevance from season to season. It is ideal for creative individuals with a rich imagination, and will look equally good as in total looks’s, and as separate elements of the image.

8.Crocus Petal

If in the spring this shade personifies the awakening of nature, then in the fall it sparkles with the coolness of the first frosts. Crocus Petal – light, fresh    clean, like crocus petals. It seems to remind you that after the cold spring will definitely come. So gentle, ethereal, feminine and romantic, it will look best in a solo performance or in combination with a neutral palette of shades. But no one has forbidden experimenting yet...

9.Ramp light (Limelight)

A name that reminds us of theater and spotlights. It kind of hints that with such backlight you will definitely be in the center of attention. And it's true: the shade of Limelight is very energetic and at the same time cold, lemonade-like and effervescent color, perky and prickly, sparkling and lively. It will allow you to dilute the traditional autumn colors, adding a drop of sun and fun, and to attract everyone's attention. Use it!

10. Quetzal green

A bird with luxurious plumage or a shady spruce? Whatever you like, call it that. This shade is deep and named after the tropical bird quetzal. It is a mixture of rich green with a deep blue note, as if it combines the luxurious green of the foliage and the blue of the ocean. This shade looks very rich and elegant, sophisticated and calm, and also evokes a feeling of lightness and freedom, and even in everyday things!

As you can see, the palette of this winter is full of a wide variety of shades, which makes it possible to implement the most unthinkable color schemes in fashionable images. But if you don’t have at least one thing in the current autumn colors in your wardrobe, don’t be discouraged! In our online store you will always find only fashionable novelties and only actual colors! Welcome!