Trendy colors for the coming winter

How we girls want to know all the secrets! And not just to have information, but to use it with benefit. For example, it would be nice to know what things will be fashionable next spring, or what swimwear will be relevant in the summer. It would be possible to immediately prepare, and buy all the most fashionable and stylish, and always remain one of the first to acquire a fashionable novelty. But alas, these are only dreams. Although, after reading this article, you can still learn something. For example, we are ready to tell you what colors will be at the peak of popularity in the autumn-winter 2015-2016 season.
In autumn and winter, fashion will be as close as possible to the natural theme. The colors that nature gives us every day at this time of the year will become fashionable, but we frankly ignore them.
An interesting shade of green "Withered Grass", or in other words, olive color, will be the most popular color of autumn. So, fashionistas, go ahead and choose your autumn wardrobe! Some cards are already open. The shade of withered grass belongs to neutral shades, things of this color can be worn both in "solo" performance, and combine with darker colors.

If shades of green are not to your liking, then pay attention to the so-called yellow oak. It belongs to the natural color scheme, and that is why it is so calm, with the usual brightness of yellow for everyone. This shade is positively perceived by people, and will significantly improve mood in rainy autumn weather.

For lovers of more feminine shades, there is a cashmere rose. The color is so delicate that it is not able to leave anyone indifferent. Ideal for creating a warm, gentle, and at the same time calm look.

And, of course, everyone's favorite marsala. It is not the first season at the peak of popularity, but it does not lose its leadership position.