Travel hacks

It's finally time for you to go on vacation! But everything happens in such chaos and haste that you cannot bring not only your thoughts, but also your things in order? Then we will give you some practical lights that you will definitely need on your journey!


First, it's important to make a list of the things you'll be wearing on vacation that you really need. Mentally think through your everyday looks, made up of different parts of clothing and accessories. Give preference to simple things that are easily combined with each other. For example, shorts with a T-shirt, a light sundress, overalls, jeans with a sweatshirt. Also, do not forget about evening dress - it can come in handy. By adhering to these tips, you will take the most necessary things on a trip and excess clothes will not take up space in your suitcase.


Dress for the road in style and comfort. You are a modern girl and should understand that in any situation you need to look good. You can wear trendy this season ripped jeans and an interesting top, take a light jacket or a bomber jacket with you in case the weather changes. For more tips on what to wear on the road, read our previous article


There is another useful life hack that you probably didn't know about - how to fold things so that they don't wrinkle as much as possible. You need to roll them up in rolls, and not in half, as on a shelf in a closet.  And do not forget - heavy things should be put at the bottom of the suitcase, and light things - on top. Thus, when unpacking luggage, clothes will retain their "commodity" as much as possible. view.


If you don't want your suitcase to get lost among other people's luggage, then personalize it. Decorate the suitcase with different stickers, stripes or stickers - this way it will look cool and original. As for hand luggage, we suggest you purchase a travel case - this is a special holder for storing documents, tickets, money, etc. This thing is very convenient - you do not have to fumble in your purse for a long time looking for the right document. Do not forget to take a comb, a roller with adhesive tape, napkins, a disinfectant, a shoe brush in your purse - you may need everything on the road. And have a nice  travel!