Topsiders for men and women

Topsiders, compared to other models of shoes, were invented not so long ago – in the 40s of the last century. But the fact that they have become very popular now is a fait accompli. Once upon a time, such shoes were intended for walking on yachts, which is why they are always made with a white sole – so it does not leave marks on the deck.

Topsiders for men and women – from yachts to high fashion

The peculiarity of their design was the relief of the sole, lined with wavy stripes along its entire length. This allowed them to not slip on wet decks and provide complete comfort while traveling on a yacht.

Today, these shoes have become a convenient and practical part of everyday wardrobe. What to wear with topsiders? They go well with jeans, shorts, t-shirts of various types, in general, casual clothes. And in the case when you need to dress more elegant and smart casual – optimal style for the situation, they will look great with trousers and a jacket.

How else to distinguish topsiders from other styles? They are tied with laces, which are laced into 4 holes. Another lace is threaded on the heel, securing the foot, and tied in front, usually with a bow. Something that will help you immediately recognize the topsiders – along their length are white stitches. By the way, in branded versions they will be made of genuine leather.

You can buy women's topsiders to combine with a casual style, they will be appreciated by almost any girl or woman who loves not only fashion, but also comfort. It's all about their convenience, practicality and style. Almost any brand that pays tribute to the nautical theme in clothing or follows popular trends includes these once yacht shoes in their collections. They can be found in the collections of various brands, regardless of the pricing policy, because today fashion has become more accessible.

What nuances do you need to know about?

One of the features is that you need to know how to tie boat shoes. Inaccurately designed laces will spoil not only their appearance, but also the image as a whole. But most of the lacing methods are not so simple, so most often they are simply tied to neat bows.

They are good because they do not untie at an unnecessary moment. But still, there are several more ways, for example, when the laces are tied into a knot, and then their ends are also braided with a kind of bump. So they will also not be untied, and the laces will not interfere, which sometimes happens with bows.

In extreme cases, annoying ropes can be cut to make them shorter, and the ends can be twisted with the same bump, but for this you need to be sure that the shoe sits perfectly on the leg.

Another rather important feature, or even a rule - categorically, under no circumstances should you wear socks with topsiders. Such shoes are most often made of soft leather or suede and are very comfortable to wear on bare feet. It is precisely because topsiders first appeared as shoes for boat trips that wearing them with cotton or nylon products is considered bad manners and bad taste.

If the desire to purchase them is too great, but without socks – no way, that is, only one exit – products that literally cover only the foot and fingers.

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