Tights - new generation sportswear

It would seem that in order to go in for sports, you don’t need to take a special approach to the choice of clothes: I took a tracksuit, sneakers – and go ahead. But it was not there! Especially in the case of running, not even professional! The quality of  clothing and its correct style directly depends on how productive the workouts in it will be and whether there will be any results after them. Therefore, in order for sports activities, whether it be running, cardio training, Pilates or any other sport, to be enjoyable, effective and allow you to achieve maximum results, the choice of training clothes and shoes must be approached with full responsibility.

Besides, a new thing, even a sports one, – This is a great incentive to go to the gym sooner. What else do we girls need?

Tights – are considered the most suitable for active sports, comfortable and functional; a subspecies of sportswear that looks like tight leggings. not yet very popular, but they are already very popular with professional athletes and amateurs.


Tights: concept, features and benefits

Tights are translated from English as tights (in fact, they are), but:

  • are made of elastic jersey, which perfectly fits the figure, perfectly stretches and is pleasant to the touch. This allows the tights to fully follow the curves of the body and thus provide the muscles with support during the run;
  • better than tights or regular leggings,  absorb sweat;
  • perfectly conduct air and allow the skin to "breathe";
  • due to its elasticity, it perfectly maintains the muscles in good shape.

Some tights may have special mesh inserts under the knees or on the lower back for ventilation, which perfectly pass air and remove moisture from the body, which allows you to train even in hot weather. And no matter what stress you experience at this time and no matter how high the air temperature is, your skin in such an outfit will remain dry and cool. In the case of insulated tights, ventilation inserts give the garment warmth-keeping properties.

But in some models of tights, the ventilation zone is not provided.

Unlike leggings, which can be made of velvet or cotton with the addition of lycra, tights are sewn exclusively from high-quality synthetic material mixed with cotton, due to which they acquire increased elasticity and properties of compression underwear. And the presence of reflective inserts on Tightsah contributes to the safety of running at night.


Why buy tights?

We will not list all the benefits of tights and scientific studies on the effectiveness of their use during training. But only sweatpants tights:

  • can have a positive effect on the recovery processes of the body after intense training;
  • reduce pain after exercise;
  • improve athletic performance;
  • have a compression effect on everything they cover, but do not "float";
  • prevent the likelihood of cramps, muscle strains and injury;
  • help reduce lactate in the body;
  • maintain temperature balance;
  • does not cause negative effects when worn;
  • look incredibly cool on any figure and increase self-esteem, thereby improving mood and increasing psychological potential.

And playing sports in tights brings both pleasure and benefit: such pants tighten the layer of subcutaneous fat and stimulate more active and energetic body movements, which, as a result, brings more benefits from the workout. 

How to choose tights for running?

First of all, tights should be suitable for the time of year, weather, outside temperature, conditions in which you plan to train, and the personal preferences of the athlete. They are:

  • men's, women's, unisex. Men's and women's tights differ in appearance and the location of the ventilation zones, which are designed for the anatomical features of the body;
  • all-weather and suitable for both +25 and -5 degrees, insulated and windproof;
  • long and close the legs to the ankle, repeating all the anatomical forms of the body and increasing the accuracy of movements and their strength;
  • medium length and close the leg to the middle of the ankle;
  • short, slightly above the knee length. Such a style is called bicycle shorts in the common people and is actually used only by cyclists even in the cold season.

And among all this variety of models, there are tights for sprinters, which have a special cut that increases aerodynamic capabilities and allows you to gain maximum speed during a race or bike ride.

Advice! Active lovers of running, cycling, skiing, it is desirable to have tights of different lengths in their arsenal. Then in any weather you can train with maximum comfort.

What is important to pay attention to when buying tights? On how effective ventilation and moisture removal are, on the quality of the material from which the tights are sewn, on the cut and such details as the presence or absence of a zipper, how elastic the elastic band is, whether there are pockets for small things.


And remember! Others, as a rule, perceive tights as a symbol of professional sports, and believe that only some tough athlete can afford such clothes. So feel free to put on a bright T-shirt, sneakers, headphones and a fitness watch, and your neighbors will think that an Olympic champion is training next to them.

So feel free to put on tights and be a champion!

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