Things transformers - creative and very convenient

Have you ever had situations in your life, dear girls, when you bought one thing, but you still want something else? Or can't choose dress model, like several? The answer is obvious! Every girl would like to have more. But it is possible! Transforming things are modern magic wands that can easily, without any effort, change beyond recognition and update your wardrobe without unnecessary loss of budget. Having at your disposal a thing that can transform into another is not only convenient, but also very interesting, because thanks to the style, you can show your own "I".

And it's really very tempting to buy one dress and wear it in different ways, despite the fact that some models can transform into 10 different options! How are you? But the most interesting thing is that not only dresses, but also bags, pants, accessories can be transformers. That is, the field for creativity is huge!
Transformer dresses are in the collections of almost all fashion houses that love to show their creativity and imagination.

Among them – a transforming dress from the Donna Karan brand that has already become a legend. Its peculiarity lies in its versatility, because the dress can easily transform into 10 different models! Just imagine that by buying one dress, you will no longer need to buy something new for the next ten occasions. No less pleasant situation with scarves. Yes Yes! Using an ordinary scarf, you can make a skillful top, bag, skirt and many more interesting wardrobe details.

And this is far from "homemade" fashion, the Hermes brand has released a collection of silk scarves that transform into anything your imagination allows. To help customers, visual instructions for use are attached to each scarf. No less interesting and versatile are transformer shoes. Daniela Bekerman has created shoes with detachable heels, perfect for female drivers.

And fashion house Fendi invented shoes for any weather: they created boots that turn into shoes. As for jewelry, the most transforming jewelry is Pandora bracelets. After all, you can combine them yourself, depending on your mood, style and your imagination.