The main color of 2015 is marsala

The main color of 2015 was a seductive and noble wine shade. Marsala – This is a strong dessert Italian wine, born in Sicily. This shade of color can be called a muted brownish-burgundy. He creates a special, noble style in clothes.

It is the color of Marsala that is considered an excellent replacement for classic black. This color is especially good in leather goods, accessories or as an insert in clothes. Knitted items (sweaters, scarves, hats) and silk blouses in this color also look good.

Recommended companion colors

Marsala is combined with muted tones of gray, pink, blue, blue, green and, of course, white. However, they should not dilute too bright outfits.

The commission determining the fashionable color of 2015 was assembled under the auspices of the Pantone Color Institute, which conducts such studies every year. The color of the year is chosen after a thorough analysis of trends in the film industry, art, social and economic life of people around the world. Analysts believe that the color they have chosen fully reflects the mood of consumers on the planet. The practice of determining the best color has been conducted by the institute since 2000. In 2014, the tone called “radiant orchid” became the most fashionable, in 2015 — marsala.

Marsala on the catwalks

According to Pantone experts, marsala – this is a shade from the style of the 70s, which has become the trend of the current season. This is a versatile yet stylish tone that works great paired with florals and stripes or on its own. But words, of course, it's beautiful and magical, but, personally, I prefer to see, so here are some good examples for using this color in a wardrobe.

Jenny Packham Spring Summer 2015

Jenny Packham Spring/Summer 2015

Isabel Marant S/S 2015

Isabel Marant S/S 2015

Gucci Spring/Summer 2015

Gucci Spring/Summer 2015

Nina Ricci Fall-Winter 2014-2015

Nina Ricci FW 2014-2015

What elements of our wardrobe should be marsala?

The raspberry knee-length skirt will be the most piquant novelty. It goes well with cinnamon blouses. From autumn to the winter wardrobe came coats of ocher color. Wrapped over a wine-colored dress, it will look just great! In sportswear, it will be interesting to combine marsala with turquoise. The main thing is that one shade is dominant, and the second complements it. One of the most sophisticated elements of the wardrobe can be a small crimson check bag made of woolen fabrics. It will be a great addition to a marsala coat.

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And here is our selection of clothes in a noble wine shade of Marsala

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