The latest trend of summer - neon shade

As much as we would not like it, but in just a couple of days the summer will end. But many have already managed to swim and relax, and get a good tan. Returning to the offices and the noisy city, one does not want to forget about the vivid emotions received during the holidays. Yes, and it won't work! After all, the hair has become even lighter under the hot sun, and bright things can not be hidden far away in the closet. Seizing the moment, the designers decided not to miss the last opportunity to announce the latest fashion trend of this summer.

They are things of neon shades that look incomparable on tanned, swarthy skin. An independent trend throughout the summer was different types of shoes in fluorescent neon shades. From summer sandals on a thin or very high platform, to loafers and sports sneakers, from natural rope wedge espadrilles to brogues, in almost every famous shoe collection this hot summer season, there is a model of juicy lime, sunny citrus, or candy pink. .

And there is no way to get around, so beloved and comfortable for all occasions, pumps in bright yellow, raspberry, orange and lime shades, which were created this season by fashion masters like Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin. Very relevant, they will look paired with a little black dress and a bright neon clutch. As for clothes, choose a loose sweatshirt complete with casual jeans, a bright short top with a fluffy skirt or a summer cocktail dress, thanks to a neon glow, a casual and rather simple bow will easily find a new charge of solar energy.

Neon shades are most successfully combined with white, black or contrasting tones according to the color block principle. Pink and orange, perfectly combined with black and gray details, allow you to make a bright splash in an ordinary office wardrobe.