Sunglasses are a fashionable eye protection accessory.

21st century fashion is free, eclectic and casual. Perhaps the only canon of beauty is the harmony and physical beauty of the body. All other components of their image, people are free to choose themselves, following, or, conversely, rebelling against the main currents.

A bit of history

Few people know, but the history of sunglasses goes back deep into antiquity. They were used by hunters in the far northern regions, made from mammoth bones or tree bark, they were used by judges in China as far back as the 16th century, so that viewers could not see their eyes during the process. Sunglasses acquired their significant role in fashion at the very beginning of the 20th century. Then celebrities began to wear them to remain unrecognized in the crowd, and to hide their eyes, reddened from the blinding light of bright spotlights on the set.

In addition, at that time, medicine established that bright light and ultraviolet radiation can negatively affect the quality of human vision. Sunglasses came into general use, they began to be sold on the beaches, in fashion stores and just on the streets. These days they come in many colors and shades, but few people know how to choose the right sunglasses.

Protective power of sunglasses

Today, few approach the choice of sunglasses in terms of the effectiveness of their protective properties for our vision. Basically, people choose products based on their appearance, shape, frame design, lens color and, of course, price. However, the degree of protection of sunglasses is extremely important. The most preferred option, from the point of view of specialists, are models whose lenses filter up to 100% of ultraviolet with a wavelength of up to 400 nanometers. These UV-protected glasses can reduce the chances of developing cataracts, glaucoma, and the deterioration of vision with age. UV 400 sunglasses satisfy these characteristics.

UV 400 - protection of the highest degree. Such glasses, as a rule, have a rounded shape, fit well to the face, cover all fields of vision. But unfortunately, products with such a degree of protection are not always affordable and are often sold only in opticians. A more popular option are UV 380 glasses. They filter out about 95% of UV. When buying such models, it is important to determine whether their lenses distort the naturalness of the colors. It is known that the most neutral lenses are gray, green and brown in their many shades. They best convey the colors of the surrounding objects and soothe the eyes.

Glasses as an addition to a fashionable look

In the modern world, glasses are a great accessory to complement fashionable looks. The variety of colors, shapes, frames is simply amazing, and, of course, is able to satisfy the most sophisticated tastes of consumers. Having determined the degree of light protection, it is important to remember that the color of the lenses and the color of the frame must be harmoniously combined in the product. The rounded shape of the glasses and large polarized lenses are great for a beach holiday on the banks of water bodies, strict rectangular frames complement the office image and classic style well, glasses of the Aviator model look amazing with jeans and leather jackets.