Summer trend - boater hat

When the summer sun mercilessly burns everything around, fashionistas are ready to do anything to protect the skin of the face, hair, and the whole body from unwanted sun rays. Too bright sun, except for a good mood, does not give anything else, but on the contrary, harmful rays negatively affect the skin and hair condition. Sunglasses, creams with a protective factor, and of course, a hat on the head will help us.

Moreover, in 2015, hats are an essential must have in our wardrobe. And the boater hat, all the more so! Every girl who is worried about her health and appearance has already acquired a fashionable novelty. Boater (from French canotier — "rower") — this is not a large French straw hat of rigid shape with a cylindrical crown and straight brim. It just wonderfully protects from the sun, protects eyes and hair, so in the 19th century the Venetian handoliers loved it and began to wear it en masse, and from Italy this fashion migrated through France and spread throughout Europe.

The boater hat was not always a headdress for women and men, at first it was worn exclusively by men. But after a while, she became very popular and sunk deep into the soul for girls. The well-known fashionista of that time, Coco Chanel, helped a lot with this. It was she who first decided that a modest straw hat was much more interesting than the fussy wide-brimmed hats with feathers worn by the ladies of that time.

The boater hat became a summer hit for a reason! Today — both gentle and romantic natures like to wear it, as well as those fashionistas who prefer the casual boho style, or even casual casual. The ideal composition will be a "duet" vest, flared trousers and boater, or a wide sundress on the floor plus a hat.