Stylish things - sash

It's no secret that any image can be given a special charm and charm, competently complementing it with harmonious accessories. To such "decorations" Belts can also be included. This piece of clothing has many variations – belts and belts differ from each other not only in color and design, but also in type and purpose. Let's talk about the sash.

Wide leather sash

The sash is an impressive wide belt. Traditionally, sashes were made of leather and satin, and this detail was exclusively for decorating men's caftans. Today, belts have migrated to a thin female waist, and fabric, traditional leather and cords are most often used to make sashes. A sash with metal elements is especially popular with fashionistas.

A variety of sashes can be found in any fashionable salon. And in our country it is enough just to buy a sash belt – Ukraine and Ukrainian manufacturers follow fashion very closely.

How to wear?

The sash is remarkable in that it can be worn with absolutely all clothes. Main – choose the right style and color. As for the latter, it is not at all necessary that the wide sash matches the shoes, handbag or clothes, on the contrary, the belt will look more spectacular, becoming an accent contrast to your image.

A sash can diversify very simple and concise style clothes. And any dresses with a wide belt will sit much better on the figure, due to the fact that the sash perfectly emphasizes and thins the waist, "gathers" the waist. tummy, hiding figure flaws.

Types of sashes

Currently, fashion offers the following types of wonderful and stylish wide belt:

  • solid genuine leather;
  • perforated genuine leather
  • fabric;
  • dummy sash (multi-layered BELT a la sash, fastened with buttons or invisible fasteners);
  • metallized;
  • in the form of a cord.

As a rule, wearing one or another type of sash is dictated by fashion, so girls always need to "keep their finger on the pulse." In any case, no matter what the podium dictates to us, a sash harmoniously combined with clothes will always look modern and relevant.

Tie the sash correctly

As already noted, the sash can be worn with almost everything. Shorts, sundresses, jeans, trousers and even a fur coat – everything can be supplemented with a sash. A sun skirt with a wide belt will also look perfect.

However, any sash needs to be able to tie correctly and beautifully. Otherwise, an exquisite piece of clothing will turn into an ordinary shapeless piece of long fabric.

So, how to tie a sash? A long sash is usually wrapped around itself twice, a short – tied in one turn. There are even sashes that involve more than three turns. Choosing a long sash, you need to remember the "golden" rule – the longer the belt, the narrower it should be.

Decent belt length – this is the ground for fantasy and imagination, since the long edges of the sash will allow you to come up with an uncountable number of tricky non-trivial knots. In the end, I would like to note that it is very easy to take care of this stylish accessory – the fabric-based sash is washable, and it is enough to wipe the varieties of the leather belt from time to time with a damp cloth.

And here is our selection of sashes