Stylish swimwear for summer 2016

Summer is just around the corner and it's time to think about choosing a swimsuit. After all, one of the keys to a good holiday is the selection of the right beach wardrobe, in which you will feel beautiful and confident. Often, going on vacation, we start sorting through our things and understand that the old swimsuit is no good - its relevance has long been exhausted, and there are so many beautiful swimsuits in fashion magazines ... In order not to make a mistake with the choice, you should familiarize yourself with the most trendy swimsuits this summer. 

Since last year, swimwear with twisted or crossed harnesses has remained fashionable. This model should be as simple as possible in its design, because the harnesses give it showiness even without it. Agree that such a swimsuit looks stylish and original! Knitted products or with knitting elements are also relevant this summer. Such swimsuits have breathable properties, they are pleasant to the body and do not create unnecessary discomfort.

Top-top swimsuits are trending this summer. The first such models were presented in the new Victoria's Secret collection. The image looks very interesting and feminine at the same time. The top can also be worn as a separate piece of clothing. Denim shorts, a T-shirt with deep armholes will perfectly complement the look. 

Retro-style swimwear came into fashion several years ago and still do not leave their positions. Inflated panties will help not only hide minor figure flaws, but also emphasize advantages. As for the color of the swimsuit. This year's most popular animal, tropical and ethnic print. Girls who like to stand out can choose a swimsuit in bright neon colors, but according to Pantone, rose quartz and serenity are the most fashionable colors this year. That is, it is still better to bet not on neon, but on pastel. 

When choosing a swimsuit, consider not only the relevance of the style and color, but also the parameters of your figure. If you have a problem waist - give preference to a one-piece swimsuit, if you have hips - retro panties with a high waist. If you are short and want to visually stretch out, buy a swimsuit with a high fit. But, despite fashion advice, you must understand for yourself that this is exactly your thing and wear it for your own pleasure.

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