Stiletto heel - forever fashionable classic

If you need to add mystery to the image, visually straighten your back and legs, and even "reset" a few extra pounds, hide an unsuccessful hairstyle or a bad mood, there is a universal recipe for everything. Is this secret unknown to you? Everything is simple! Get on your heels! All women know that shoes with heels significantly improve the image as a whole, because the legs seem to build, and the whole bow is more attractive and seductive. The gait of a woman who wears high-heeled shoes changes dramatically, she becomes playful and seductive.

To learn how to gracefully walk in high heels, you need endurance, patience and a lot of practice. Not in vain, men prefer women in heels and dresses, because, in their opinion, such ladies are more feminine and attractive. The ideal shoes for women who are determined to conquer the world are classic shoes with a long and thin stiletto heel, the height of which is approximately eight to ten centimeters. But these are approximate figures, since your height, physique and ability to walk in heels, their height may either decrease or increase.

You can easily understand what heel height is right for you, just take a couple of steps in them, but not in the store, but along the street. After all, a perfectly flat floor will mislead you, and you will mistakenly decide that even with heels of fifteen centimeters you will be comfortable. If you are choosing your first stilettos, start with a 5-6 cm heel, otherwise you will find it so difficult to wear these shoes that you will discourage yourself from wearing stilettos at all.

Remember that the key to successful walking in heels is comfort! Choose your size, avoid excessively high heels and artificial materials.
Designers and fashion designers of shoes unanimously say that in the spring season – summer 2015 most relevant shoes – boats with a long toe and not a high stable heel of eight to ten centimeters. When choosing a new pair of shoes, pay attention to your feelings, because they should give you pleasure, and not thoughts about how to quickly take them off.< /p>