Sneakers at the peak of popularity

It's hard to imagine a typical resident of a metropolis without such a wardrobe detail as sneakers. We wore them to physical education at school, university, fitness classes in a sports club. This thing, first of all, is associated with sportswear and sports. But modern fashion has broken all stereotypes - sneakers have become a must-have in any look.



Now sneakers can be seen on fashion bloggers, guests of fashion weeks, and even on the catwalks themselves. Fashion for sporty chic is dictated by Chanel, Lanvin, Alexander Wang and many others. Now sports shoes are combined not only with a sports uniform, but also with dresses, skirts, trousers and coats! Practicality has completely and categorically come into fashion, not counting, of course, pumps (this is a classic). 



The sneaker trend has made a comeback since the 90s. Today they can be chosen for every taste and color. The current mass market stores provide a huge selection of sports shoes. The most popular brands are Nike, Adidas, New Balance and Puma. Models are also multifaceted: colored soles, bright laces, multi-colored fabric inserts, an interesting print or simple plain ones. 



What to wear with sneakers to look stylish? A win-win and the easiest option is jeans and a sweatshirt. But we will consider the images more interesting. For example - a pencil skirt and a knitted jumper. But here the main thing to remember is the rule - if the sneakers are bright, then choose plain clothes and vice versa, otherwise you risk looking like a parrot. A variety of dresses are also suitable for sports shoes. If it’s cold outside, then the image can be supplemented with a knee-length coat. It can be both straight cut and fashionable lately - oversize. Sneakers look organic with skinny leather trousers and a voluminous top. If you don't have a strict business dress code at work, you can go smart and wear a business suit with plain sneakers. Any image with such shoes will look stylish if chosen with taste.



Sports and a healthy lifestyle are now more relevant than ever and confirmation of this is the fashion for clothes and shoes in a sports style. In comfortable shoes, you can walk around the city for hours and not worry about foot pain or a broken heel.