Slave bracelet - jewelry with oriental chic

Summer – this is the time of the year when you want to dress up, look chic and mysterious most of all. After all, everything is beautiful both in nature and in the soul! Thanks to designers and fashion analysts, we are constantly waiting for some new items that we didn’t even know about last year, but this year we just dream of a pretentious purchase. Today, once again, I want to talk about accessories, or rather jewelry. We are talking about slave bracelets or Hathphoo.

They are getting more and more popular every day. A slave bracelet is a unique combination of two accessories, to be more precise, a bracelet and a ring, although a bracelet and several rings connected to each other are quite common. Often such an accessory can be seen on the fashion catwalks of the world, and the stars are not indifferent to it. These bracelets were traditionally worn by Indian brides during the marriage ceremony.

In ancient times, the bracelet had a slightly different look, about five rings were attached to it in chains – for each finger. This combination embodies the divine essence of a woman. Over time, the number of rings decreased to three as a sign of the connection of marital ties. To date, there are a huge number of different slave bracelets. They are worn not only on the hands, but also on the legs. This jewelry can complement absolutely any look.

A correctly chosen slave bracelet will become a bright accent in the image of any fashionista. This decoration is quite modest and unobtrusive, therefore it does not attract unnecessary attention, but undoubtedly brings some zest to the image. The slave bracelet is perfectly combined with virtually any style, from business classics to extravagant grunge or punk style.

When choosing a slave bracelet, you need to pay attention to the shape of the hand. On a small hand, an elegant, small and semi-noticeable decoration will look great. A long brush will successfully decorate a large decor. For girls with long fingers, it is better to choose slave bracelets with three or more rings, or rings with voluminous stones. On a full hand, bracelets with chains of medium thickness and without bulky details look good.

The slave bracelet, which has deep roots in oriental fairy tales, will definitely be very popular in the spring-summer season. Repeat this not tricky trick in oriental style in your image and you will see for yourself how graceful and charming movements with brushes become by themselves.