Simple life hacks for plus-size girls

Who said curvy ladies can't be fashionable? Having the XXL size, we often think that this or that item from the store does not suit us and this is a big mistake! You can always dress beautifully and stylishly, you just have to take into account the features of the figure. There is no need to pull on dimensionless hoodies and limit yourself to monotonous straight styles, because there are many fashionable things that are simply sewn for plus-size girls.


Crop Top


Some people think that crop tops are only for girls with a thin waist and a flat tummy. It is not true! Take a cue from curvy Hollywood beauties - they perfectly combine crop tops with various skirts and trousers. Here you just need to follow a few rules ... It is best to choose a top that is not completely tight, the skirt should be a pencil cut with a high waist, and the most acceptable model of trousers is a palazzo. If such combinations of clothes are too defiant for you, then we recommend wearing a crop top under the jumpsuit. This wardrobe detail looks ugly only in those cases when you have an apple or rectangle-shaped figure.




Jeans should definitely be in the wardrobe of a curvaceous girl. And not necessarily boyfriend jeans or straight models, it can be cropped skinny. Pay attention to jeans with a raw bottom, small pastel stripes. Flared jeans look good on plus-size ladies - they harmoniously create body balance, diverting attention from heavy hips.




There are a lot of prejudices about clothes in a striped print. For example, that a horizontal stripe makes you look fat, while a vertical stripe is suitable only for tall girls. But nevertheless plump ladies should not refuse it! Choose clothes with vertical or horizontal stripes that alternate with black. It is best when the strips are of different widths. If you want to wear your favorite vest, then complement it with a vest or jacket to the middle of the thigh - this technique will allow you to hide extra centimeters at the waist.