Shoes spring summer 2015

Shoes are the final detail of any female look. If the fair sex wants to stay in trend and look stunning, she should definitely follow the latest fashion.

Spring shoes

From a large number of colors, styles and textures that are used to create new products, trendy shoes for the spring season have several key points. The most stylish ideas of the season «spring 2015» in trendy pairs of shoes – bright fantastic saturated colors of models, which, together with the originality of styles and a rather bold combination of textures, create delightful examples of shoes. Moreover, the resulting trendy shoes have both a spectacular appearance and comfort. The designers sought to follow the concept that shoes should help create a good look for every day.

In the collections of 2015 there is a large amount of metallic sheen. Such models are quite bold, expressive and spectacular. The skin to create shoes for the summer and spring seasons is sprayed under the metal (they have a silver coating, bronze or gold). Eminent designers actively decided to use this version of the material to create models of classic-design boats on a neat stiletto heel, as well as to create bizarre versions of shoes that have a platform of a special shape and complexity. The simplicity of the style of the trendy shoes of 2015 is largely offset by the sheen of the metal, as well as the textured finish in the design solution.

There are fashionable women's shoes of spring 2015 in different juicy shades. These are colors taken from the natural range. The most stylish shoe colors for 2015 are bright blue, rich green, orange and pink. From the pastel range of shoe models, mint, bright yellow, and lilac colors are distinguished.

What is fashionable this summer

The style of trendy pairs of shoes allows you to emphasize the sophistication of ladies, their elegant nature. The main task of fashionable persons – choose shoes that emphasize the perfection and grace of the legs, and also demonstrate lightness in the figure.

Massive platforms, heels, as well as wedges have become popular. This year, the designers managed to make their appearance special, not the same as in previous seasons. They look much "cooler" thanks to the bold selection of materials (example: leather with metal and plastic). On spring and summer shoes, the highlight was the unpredictable combination of materials on the upper part of the product. This was demonstrated by numerous "fashion shoes spring summer 2015". Photos can be viewed from fashion shows of collections of famous designers.

From the finishes in trendy shoes, you can find metallic leather, playful Swarovski glitter, as well as studs. Moreover, shoes for every day are decorated with these bold details.

Designers equipped fashionable ankle boots spring summer 2015 with elegant bows, beautiful straps, as well as graceful socks and an accentuated style of foot bend. Such techniques allowed talented persons to create real masterpieces, which are characterized by flirty thanks to the finish, as well as expensive high-quality materials.