Ruffles - a romantic trend

Strict business style has stepped aside - tenderness and femininity are at the peak of popularity now. More and more world designers demonstrate romantic outfits made of light and airy fabrics in their new collections. And if we are talking about femininity, then how not to mention the most romantic trend of this year - ruffles, frills and flounces?


Some would think that flounces are associated with little girls at kindergarten prom or Spanish flamenco dancers. But this decorative element has long become a fashionable piece of clothing for a modern girl. Designers adorn everything with it: from jackets and blouses to skirts and sundresses, but the most common example of using ruffles, flounces or frills is a dress. It is in this garment that all of the above features are combined - femininity, sophistication and elegance. Chloe, Balmain, Olivia Palermo, Marchesa and many other fashion houses demonstrate outfits with ruffles on the catwalks of the world.


This season is more than ever influenced by the Victorian era. After all, airy flounces and multi-layered ruffles can make even the simplest outfit interesting and extraordinary, give it freshness and energy. This decor is relevant, both in the office and at the celebration - it all depends on your imagination. When you are going to work, you can relax your business look by wearing a translucent milky blouse with frills - your colleagues will definitely appreciate your fashionable look. For everyday outings, you can choose a variety of dresses, skirts or sundresses. A short skirt of natural fabrics with ruffles looks very cute in combination with the same top. 


In addition to all this, outfits with ruffles, flounces and frills perfectly mask figure flaws and emphasize advantages, but the main thing here is to be able to choose the right clothes for your body type . If you have an inverted triangle figure: narrow shoulders and wide hips, then you can wear an A-line dress decorated with ruffles on the shoulders - they will visually balance your figure. 



“Ruffled" the   trend can also be traced among the stars. For example, the charming actress Charlize Theron demonstrated an incredibly beautiful Dior dress with a voluminous ruffle and a lace insert at a gala evening in the Christian Dior chateau.


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