Ripped jeans - classic or modern?

Without what is it impossible for any fashionista to imagine her wardrobe? Of course, without jeans. As many fashion experts say, there are no fashionable jeans, the main thing is that they fit well. Today, choosing jeans is not a problem; the fashion industry offers customers many options for every taste and budget. For many years in a row, jeans were considered exclusively clothing for workers, they were highly appreciated by all working segments of the population, as they were comfortable and functional. The history of jeans even survived the crisis of 1929. And already in 1935, the first models of jeans for women appeared. Around the fifties, the birth of the "denim revolution" began, and it was because of it that jeans conquered the planet so quickly.

With the advent of rock and roll, jeans became associated with entertainment and parties, and after the appearance of Elvis Presley in public in tight skinny jeans, they immediately turned into the epitome of sexuality, rebelliousness and youth, now everyone wanted to have jeans. All the idols of youth wore jeans with pleasure, and the youth considered it their duty to resemble their idols, respectively, the sale of jeans grew rapidly.

Today you will not surprise anyone with jeans. Everyone has them, both in kids and in old people, but at the same time they have not gone out of fashion for years. Designers are trying their best to make fashion-conscious girls and boys buy more and more jeans. And they succeed. It cannot be said that ripped jeans are a trend, it is rather a fashion that, if not all, so many tirelessly follow. In the 1980s, the "boiled" jeans.

From jeans rapidly "grew" denim style. An active passion for young people with ripped jeans and author's "aged" jeans began. jeans, so to speak, vintage. Ripped jeans began to cost significantly more than identical whole ones. They, of course, fell in love with all segments of the population, because they are unusual and extravagant. Such jeans suit almost everyone, but their main goal is to slightly reveal the nudity of women's legs, therefore, never wear tights, stockings or leggings that are not under torn jeans. There are never too many holes this summer season!

All models look great and relevant, from slight wear to huge cut holes in the hips and knees. When choosing jeans of this kind, remember that if you choose such an unusual bottom, choose a plain and neutral top. But with shoes you can experiment enough! Or sneakers, or sneakers, or pumps with heels, everything will look good with jeans!

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