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Continuing the theme of choosing sportswear for training...

How often do you see men and women in the gym in spectacular tight T-shirts with an unusual print? Surely constantly ... And the first thought that arises at the sight of such athletes is that these people dress like that only to show off their figure in front of others and play with their pumped up muscles. But this is not so, although for many athletes this fact is advantageous.

The choice in favor of tight tight T-shirts is made mainly by those athletes who work for the result, strive to improve their sports performance and achievements and go to the gym to plow, and not show off their figure. Therefore, they put on innovative training suits made of tightspants and rashguard T-shirts.

We figured out the purpose and benefits of tights in a previous article on our blog. In this, we will define what a rashguard is, why it is needed, what are its features and selection rules.


What is a rashguard?

Rashguards were invented by surfers – Brazilian Australian lovers of ocean waves. They had to come up with something to protect them from the sun, cold and salty water, jellyfish stings, scuffs and other damage received when riding the waves. The first rashguards made of nylon, polyester and spandex, which fit snugly to the athlete's body, were sewn off. It was very comfortable for surfers to practice in such training clothes all day long, it fitted the torso, did not interfere with training and protected the skin from scratches and the scorching sun.

Jitsurers, while surfing from time to time, have noticed that the clothes Brazilian surfers, which they wear under a wetsuit during BJJ training, allow you to get a good grip on the enemy and not scratch yourself on the sand. Therefore, the idea of using a rashguard T-shirt was borrowed by jiu-jitsu fighters from surfers, but with minor modifications. And today the rashguard – is a special training T-shirt, a part of the equipment of professional athletes, which:

  • has an ergo  anatomically perfect cut;
  • supports muscles and ligaments;
  • fits the figure tightly;
  • ensures convenience and comfort during workouts;
  • removes excess heat, maintaining the temperature balance of the body;
  • does not restrict movement;
  • protects the skin from damage.

There are special models with back support, which is very convenient during strength training, with long or short sleeves, men's and women's, which defines the scope of rashguards.

The rashguard sewn from the same synthetic fabrics, but with the addition of lycra, with antibacterial impregnations and various additives that increase the life of the product.


Who uses rashguards and why?

Inexperienced athletes, when buying a training uniform, evaluate only its appearance and how it sits on the figure. And professionals prefer reliable protection and comfort. Therefore, rashguard t-shirts can be used not only by surfers and jitters, but also runners, cyclists, fans of cross-fit, strength exercises and everyone who lives a busy active life. Such demand for rashguards is due to the fact that they:

  • very comfortable;
  • Minimize the risk of contracting skin infections and causing irritation or inflammation;
  • provide excellent ventilation and dry quickly;
  • protect from hypothermia and drafts;
  • resistant to tearing and abrasion;
  • do not require special care;
  • light and almost imperceptible on the body.

During a break, the rash guard keeps the body cool, which helps prevent muscle and ligament strains. And due to the fact that the rashguard T-shirt tightly fits the figure, such equipment emphasizes the results of training athletes.

How to choose a rashguard?

Picking up a rashguard T-shirt is not much more difficult than a regular set of thermal underwear. The only thing that matters – is the tightness of the fit. Of course, any set of sportswear for training should not"split at the seams" on its owner, but free wearing of rashguard t-shirts is not supposed.

Therefore, before buying, it is still worth trying on such clothes in order to assess how tightly they fit the body and in order to choose the right size depending on the characteristics of your own figure. provided reliable breast support.

As for colors, colors and design, it's a matter of personal taste and preferences. In the case of a rashguard, comfort and quality are most important, and – appearance is secondary.

We do not claim that Rashgard & Ndash; & Nbsp; This is a mandatory clothing for training, and we do not guarantee that your sports indicators will improve immediately after its purchase. But this type of sportswear is the most convenient, safe and practical form for many sports. It's like with a car: you can choose domestic Zhiguli, but Mercedes can provide more comfort, convenience and a sense of security.

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