Raincoats for all occasions

We always look forward to summer. Mostly due to the fact that this is the long-awaited holiday season: you can make a pleasant time out, take a break from the routine and return to work with renewed vigor. But it is not always possible to soak up the warm rays of the sun, because the weather can be very unpredictable. It's a shame when the summer passes in the company of dark clouds and heavy rains… 

But do not be sad, because you can always find something good in the bad. Here, for example, you can cheer yourself up with an interesting raincoat! No, this is not about a cheap polyethylene raincoat, but about an original designer product made of thick oilcloth. After all, in the rain, too, I want to be fashionable!

If you are a cheerful and creative person by nature, then you will like bright models. Look at the yellow, orange, pink raincoats - they refresh the image. Models with various prints look very interesting - floral, tropical and animal motifs. Inscriptions and loud slogans that are fashionable this season are also welcome. 

When you want to show off your clothes, you can put on a transparent raincoat - a great mood is guaranteed for you and those around you! Holographic and metal raincoats look spectacular - a futuristic accent in the image always looks original even on the most cloudy and rainy day.

For girls who lead an active lifestyle and prefer, first of all, practicality, raincoats in a sporty style are suitable. This short model, reminiscent of a sports jacket, with elasticated sleeves, convenient pockets and a hood, is perfect for a casual look. But such raincoats will not protect you much from a downpour, so it is better to wear them for walking in light rain.

The main quality of a raincoat is water resistance. Therefore, when choosing a particular model, make sure that the seams are glued, not stitched - this prevents water from entering. Pay attention to raincoats with ventilation holes - they are designed to allow the skin to breathe at least a little. But one way or another, walking in a raincoat for a long time is not very useful - such a thing is more likely to be suitable for short walks than outdoor activities.