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Always comfortable, stylish and relevant... What are we talking about? Of course - about the poncho. Despite how quickly fashion trends change, the poncho always remains in trend and it perfectly fulfills its main function - to warm. The poncho is not so popular for nothing - it suits all types of figures, hides flaws and at the same time makes the owner the center of attention of others.

The history of the poncho began with the Indian tribes of South America. At that time it looked like a square woolen blanket with a hole for the head. The poncho later spread to Mexico, Chile and Venezuela. Products differed from each other in different patterns and ornaments, which concealed important events from the life of a particular tribe.

The poncho played an important role in the American Civil War. Then it was a real salvation for the soldiers. The attire was supplemented with a hood and made of dense waterproof fabric. It protected well from rain and served as a bedding on wet ground. After the end of the war, hippies appeared and began to dictate their fashion for ponchos. They preferred softer materials and bright ethnic designs.

When the poncho first appeared on the catwalk, then they finally entrenched themselves in the fashion world. One of the most memorable shows is the Burberry show in 2014. Using their signature plaid print, the fashion house showcased different models of ponchos in all sorts of color palettes. Hollywood celebrities also fell in love with this type of outerwear: Gwen Stefani, Olivia Palermo, Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham and many others.

The poncho has two varieties - a cape and a serape. The first differs in that it is more reminiscent of a traditional poncho - a loose cape without sleeves. And the second resembles a coat - a long cape without a hole for the head, which is worn on the shoulders. What type of poncho do you prefer?

You can wear a poncho with different clothes. Depending on the style of the product, you can create a business look or casual. The most common option is to wear a poncho with jeans and over the knee boots. Looks stylish and elegant.

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